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Last week we had a call in Springfield, VA for seasonal furnace maintenance.  Our customer called for their clean and check at the end of September to prepare for the upcoming season.  Mr. M had a 25 year old furnace that, while aging, had been working without problem the last 25 years.

The previous year’s maintenance checks found Carbon Monoxide (CO) from the unit at around 25ppm (parts per million) air-free which is well below the target of under 100ppm. This year’s check found CO Air-free to be 900ppm.  That is deadly.  It is more than twice the allowable threshold of 400ppm. The technician is required to shut off the unit to prevent the CO from harming the residents.  Because our customer scheduled their clean and check early in the season, having the unit tagged off isn’t a hardship and they will have a brand new system installed before the cold gets unbearable.

Mr. M’s story shows us how early seasonal maintenance can find potentially dangerous problems with your unit while also allowing time to get them repaired or replaced before the cold weather sets in.  It also gives you the opportunity to save.

Seasonal Special

Our current special on Preseason Maintenance Checks is only $99 unit October 28, 2016.  Our furnace maintenance inspections check and measure 32 points to ensure a safe and functional system to heat your home.  If you did not get your heat pump checked for the summer season, you can also take advantage of this offer for a Heat Pump Clean and Check from Climate Heating and Cooling.  Call today for your appointment.  In VA 703-750-4009, In MD 301-986-9223, In DC 202-857-0212.