Thunder storm sky over the United States Supreme Court building in Washington DC.Every year the DC Area experiences an increase in thunderstorms in the spring and early summer.  Following the storms, there are regular power outages that leave homeowners with hot homes and refrigerators full of ruined food.  You can plan now to avoid these problems in your home by having a natural gas generator installed.  A natural gas generator can provide electricity to your home comfort systems and a select number of household appliances like the refrigerator.

Natural gas generators come in sizes based on the amount of power you want it to provide.  An average sized generator installation costs around $9,000 installed.  This initial investment saves you from the repeated waste of ruined food.  It will save you from potential pipe bursts during winter outages and also will keep your family comfortable.  It will also provide you with comfortable sleep when summer heat collides with a lack of power. Homeowners will know that their family, especially children and the elderly, are safe from overheating during extended summer outages. It will provide you with the peace of mind that allows you to ignore the inconvenience of power outages.

Another common occurrence during spring storms is lightening strikes.  Your HVAC system is equipped with safety features to protect it when struck by lightening or storm related power surges.  If your system suddenly stops working following a storm, the fuses may be the culprit.  There are fuses on the outdoor unit of your system and also fuses in the indoor air handler.  Both of these can be purchased at a hardware store and can be replaced with relative ease by the homeowner.  Keeping a spare set on hand can be a good preparation.  If you want help walking through finding the fuses, you can call us at 703-750-4008, we will be happy to tell you where to find them in your unit.

Spring storms can be terribly inconvenient, but there are things you can do to be ready when they hit.  If you want more information about natural gas generators in DC, Suburban MD, or Northern VA, call us today.