Prepare Your Air Conditioner or Heat Pump for Summer

Proper landscaping around ac or heat pump

At this time of year, many homeowners are getting ready to do some spring gardening.  Sprucing up the yard is a Spring tradition.  What do you need to do to prepare your air conditioner or heat pump for Summer?  When working around your outdoor compressor, here are some things to keep in mind.


Preparing Your Air Conditioner

As you start your yard work, check over your system's outdoor compressor unit. The outdoor unit will need to be looked over for any vine or weed growth that has started to encroach  on the unit. Vines can work their way into the compressor and damage it beyond repair. The plants can also trap moisture in the unit causing it to operate less efficiently. Clear a 1 – 2 foot barrier around the unit. Also make sure to keep mulch away from the base of the unit.  Your unit needs air around it to breathe. If you plan to place a fence or other barrier near your AC, make sure to allow several feet around the unit and access for technicians.

Preparing Your Yard

When planning for what to plant near your air conditioning unit, many people think it is best to plant large bushes that “hide” the unit. The problem with this plan is that large bushes are also bushes that grow. These are more likely to grow into the unit causing damage. They also make it challenging for service technicians to get to the unit. Avoid planting plants like roses or pyracantha that have thorns near your AC unit. Service technicians prefer not to be scratched while doing maintenance or repair on your unit. Another common “improvement” for the air conditioning unit found online it to surround the unit with latticework or a fence. This may look less industrial, but it makes a handy place for vines to grow and makes the unit very difficult to access for repair. We recommend planting small plants or shrubs that remain a manageable size. If you purchase a new unit from Climate, we can arrange to have suitable landscaping done following the installation to keep your yard and AC in top shape.


If you have any questions about what you find when preparing your Air Conditioner for summer, please contact Climate Heating and Cooling.  We serve the entire DC Metro Area.  Call 703-750-4008.

Corey Rodgerson

Corey is a third-generation HVAC technician. Both of his grandfathers started in the trade in its infancy and both of his parents continued the tradition with Climate Heating & Cooling. Corey has earned master's licenses as an HVAC Mechanic, Electrician, Gas Fitter, and Plumber. He has been certified in lead remediation, building performance through BPI, and he has completed five NATE certifications for service and installation of HVAC units. He is committed to training and deploying the best technicians in the industry.

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