Climate offers several styles of continuing maintenance agreements to ensure the proper operation of your equipment. Our agreements provide several different options to ensure the correct coverage for your equipment. Climate has maintenance agreements that give you seasonal checks on your equipment, discounts on repairs, or full coverage of parts and labor. We offer our maintenance agreements on all equipment, regardless of who installed it. Climate’s agreements are all named after penguins in honor of our mascot, Roy, and Climate Heating and Cooling donates a portion of the proceeds to support the World Wildlife Federation.


Royal Agreement

The Royal is designed for customers with newer equipment that is less likely to require repairs. Once a year, we will perform the standard maintenance on all the equipment covered under the agreement for a discounted rate.

Emperor Agreement

In addition to the seasonal maintenance for the equipment, Climate will cover functional parts and labor on needed repairs. Should the equipment need to be replaced, a 10% discount is also offered.



King Agreement

We will check the equipment in the appropriate season to ensure its operation and any repairs will be at a 25% discount. There is also a 5% discount on any replacement equipment.