Make Your Home an Allergy-Free Zone

Keep allergies like flower pollen out of your home.

It’s that time of year when your car will begin to turn yellowish green, and if you suffer from seasonal allergies, your eyes will start to itch. You come home feeling stuffy and itchy and even at home you don’t seem to get relief. What can you do to reduce allergens in your home to improve your reaction to the increase in pollen?

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What’s the Right-Sized Air Conditioner for Me?

what size air conditioner?

Air Conditioners are sold with different sizes and ratings.  The size of a unit is measured in tons (if you want to read the back story including lots of fun history and math, this article explains). When shopping for the right size air conditioner, it is important to select the correct tonnage for your equipment.  An oversized air conditioner will not work as well as a correctly sized one. 

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Allergies and Your Air Conditioner

Woman suffering from allergies with tissues up her nose

Spring and summer are prime candidates for allergens outdoors.  Grass, tree, and flower pollen is a concern for seasonal allergy sufferers.  Your HVAC system can help prevent allergic reactions while inside your home. We’ve put together the top tips for preventing allergies with your HVAC system.

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Why Does My House Heat Unevenly? Common Causes Explored

Freezing Young Girl in Winter Jacket Near a Radiator.

A common problem for homeowners in the DC area is uneven heating. We regularly have metro area homeowners call to ask, “why does my house heat unevenly?”  Once section of their home is warm and toasty, but another area feels like a meat locker.  This is very frustrating for the homeowner because we all want to be able to live comfortably in our whole home. The common causes for this cold zone depends on the type of heating system.

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