Climate history
The history of Climate Heating and Cooling started with our founder, Roy Spencer. He had a knack for understanding the complexities of the HVAC industry and realized that the better his employees were educated the better they would perform. Climate Heating and Cooling has continued this tradition and formalized it into something we call “Climate U”.

Our service manager, Corey Rodgerson has formulated a series of courses that each of Climate’s technicians attend. The scientific principles of heating and cooling are taught from thermodynamics to chemical reactions. This allows each of the technicians to diagnose and fix HVAC systems as a whole unit, rather than just guessing what parts have failed. This results in pinpoint diagnostics that provide lower repair bills.

Each of our technicians are required to get their NATE certification, a national certification standard for HVAC technicians. Our employees wear their NATE badges proudly, showing that they have the skills and understanding needed to be outstanding, knowledgeable technicians.