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Climate’s HVAC technicians are NATE certified, but we go beyond this certification with a training program we call Climate University. “Climate U.” is our master-level technical school and each technician is required to maintain their certification. Our customized curriculum includes thermodynamics (heating and cooling), the chemistry of combustion and refrigeration, internal aerodynamics (airflow) and advanced electronics. Our teaching facility features a Simulated Training Environment (STE) that includes interior and exterior residential spaces with a variety of functioning comfort systems. This provides hands-on training for our technicians — training that other technicians never receive.

Why Should You Care?

It's simple, our service technicians are trained to repair, not sell.

Climate is interested in maintaining your home comfort systems, not selling you new equipment. Our technicians are trained to repair, not sell. It's why we charge for our service calls. We have no incentive to sell you unnecessary parts or equipment. Actually, our technicians take pride in being able to repair your system and save you money. 

The Dirty Secret in HVAC

Many businesses rely on replacing rather than repairing for one reason — PROFIT.

The dirty secret in HVAC is that the person sent to service your system may have very little technical understanding or training. What they do have are sales quotas. Other contractor’s “free” service calls instruct their technicians to sell at least $300 worth of new or replacement equipment before they leave your home. Why pay for a replacement part when a less expensive repair would give you the same result?

Repairs are less expensive but they require a trained technician to diagnose the problem and fix the system. Other contractors find it easier and more profitable to replace a part and pass the expense on to you. This means a second service call — requiring you to be home for another day — and that call won’t be free. 

Climate invests the time to train our technicians in the science behind the systems — an expense other companies avoid. Our experienced technicians can diagnose your comfort system, make recommendations and repair any faulty equipment during the first appointment. Our clients receive faster service — most issues are resolved the same day!

Climate University

We are always improving the Science of Comfort and the result is a more comfortable home for you.

Climate U. produces the best-educated technicians in the industry. Our focus is on the Science of Comfort. Our technicians receive classroom instruction on the theoretical aspects of thermodynamics, the chemistry of combustion and refrigeration, internal aerodynamics and advanced electronics. Understanding how all of these sciences combine to create comfortable environments is the foundation of our training. 

Theory is not enough.

Did you know that many graduates of HVAC trade schools have never touched an air conditioner or furnace? Climate U. features a simulated training environment that includes staged interior and exterior residential spaces all with multiple functioning comfort systems. Climate provides extensive hands-on training for our technicians before they are certified to service our client's homes. That means you can trust Climate technicians to give you the best service — all backed by science.

Climate's Simulated Training Environment or STE

Climate University's Simulated Training Environment (STE) provides our technicians with a hands-on learning environment. Multiple heating, cooling, plumbing, wiring, and insulation systems simulate all the issues our technicians encounter in the real world.  

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Does this mean you never need to replace parts or get a new system? Of course not. There are times when your system's serviceable life has come to an end. But do you know the average operational lifespan for your major comfort systems? Find out on the Science of Comfort page. 

“For the Science of Comfort, trust the penguin.”