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Our founder, Roy Spencer, had an understanding of the complexities of the HVAC industry and realized that the better his employees were educated, the better they would perform. Each of our technicians are NATE certified, HVAC technicians. Our tradesmen wear their NATE badges proudly, showing that they have the skills and understanding needed to be trusted, knowledgeable technicians, but Climate goes beyond this certification with the development of “Climate U.”

Lower Repair Bills Through Science

Climate U. is our custom-designed school featuring a simulated training environment that includes exterior and interior residential spaces with functioning comfort systems. This allows hands-on training for our technicians and that means clients receive faster and more accurate service calls. That costs us less time and saves you money! At Climate U. the scientific principles of heating and cooling are taught; from thermodynamics to chemical reactions to electric wiring. Only Climate technicians diagnose HVAC units as a whole system rather than just charging clients for replacing parts — or entire units! This process of training is the foundation of our “science of comfort” mission.

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