Why Should You Replace Your DC Area Furnace/ Boiler?

Homeowners in the DC Metro Area are well-educated and want the best for their homes.  They want the best products and service available in the Metro Area.  Area homeowners are interested in comfortable and environmentally conscious homes, while not doing constant maintenance themselves.  With that in mind, it may be time to replace your DC area […]

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Consumer Warning: Heat Exchangers and CO

This past week, a client of ours called about possibly testing her drinking water.  Her family had been feeling ill and her doctor suggested testing for heavy metals in the water.  A few questions from our staff led to the discovery that the symptoms started when the heat had been turned on.  The symptoms also […]

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Why Does My House Heat Unevenly? Common Causes Explored

A common problem for homeowners in the DC Area is uneven heating.  We regularly have metro area homeowners call to ask, “why does my house heat unevenly?”  Once section of their home is

warm and toasty, but another area feels like a meat locker.  This is very frustrating for the homeowner because we all want to be able to […]

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Choosing and Changing Furnace Filters

When it comes to consumer maintenance of your HVAC equipment, the furnace filter is one of the simplest yet most important tasks.  Choosing and Changing Furnace Filters are vital steps to improve your system’s function.
Changing the Filter
Let’s talk changing the furnace filter.  The filter should be changed regularly. If you are unsure how often your filter […]

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How to buy a furnace in the DC area?

A furnace is a big purchase that homeowners often dread.  Most often they are purchased when your old furnace has died and you are dealing with a cold home.  You feel pressure to choose quickly, but you also want to make the right choice.  At Climate, we never want our customers to feel pressured to buy […]

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How to Bleed Your Radiator

A common problem in older homes is a radiator that does not fully get warm.  The most common cause for this is that there is air trapped in the system not allowing water to fully fill the radiator.  This video will demonstrate for you the simple at home fix that will allow you to release […]

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Can I turn on my heat without a service?

A question our dispatchers hear frequently from customers is, “I can’t make an appointment for a heat check until next week, can I turn on the heat before that?”  It’s hard to predict when the weather will turn cold and plan to have your service before that date.  The short answer is yes, you CAN […]

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The Nest vs. The Ecobee – Thermostat Showdown

Smart home technology is changing the heating and cooling game.  A decade ago, the programmable thermostat became digital, and this made it possible for families to adjust their heating and cooling use based around their pattern of times home and away.  This helped homeowners to save on their energy bills, but many complained that the […]

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How Your Comfort Systems Can Handle DC’s Variable Fall Weather

It’s the time of year when we can’t decide if we want to use the heat or the air conditioning.  Do we need a sweater or shorts?  One day it’s 80°F and the next is 55°F and the following is 85°F.  What’s a Washingtonian to do when they are always uncomfortable?  How can the residents […]

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Why Do I Need a Seasonal Heat Assessment?

It’s beginning to get a little chilly outside, especially overnight, and we are thinking about turning on the heat.  With turning on the heat, you begin to see advertisements for “furnace tune-ups.”  Many wonder if this is just a money making scheme by HVAC companies.  Others wonder why they should bother calling out a technician […]

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  • We were converting from oil to natural gas. We got several estimate[s] and went with Climate Heating and Cooling because they were knowledgeable and helpful in their estimate. - TheVaClevelands
  • The dealer sent a technician to make an assessment of my needs within 24 hours and provided a competitive offer on the spot. The work was done within two more days and all has been working fine with my new Lennox heat pump. - AndrewP
  • ...when we experienced a major heat pump problem during February's brutally cold weather, they went way above and beyond to ensure that our house remained warm. We would definitely recommend Climate Heating and Cooling to anyone looking for a reliable and responsive HVAC company. - Leni G.