Comfort vs. Cost: Finding the Right Balance

A common summer question is “where should I set my thermostat?”  This week, Consumer Reports put out an article claiming they had the answer for the correct temperature for your thermostat in summer.  In this article they believe that the only factor to consider when choosing the temperature for your thermostat is saving money.  Your Air Conditioning uses […]

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Air Conditioning Fan On

A common question we hear at this time of year is, “how come my basement is freezing, but my bedrooms are roasting?”  The answer is simple thermodynamics.  Hot air rises. As air heats, it expands and becomes less dense.  The less dense hot air is lighter than the cool air, so it begins to rise.  In […]

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Sizing Air Conditioning: Right is Better than Big

Air Conditioners are sold with different sizes and ratings.  The size of a unit is measured in tons (if you want to read the back story including lots of fun history and math, this article explains).  In addition to the number of tons a unit is, we also measure its SEER rating.  The Seasonal Energy Efficiency […]

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Five Common Air Conditioning Mistakes

We covered some of the errors that folks make when landscaping around their exterior units in an earlier post.  But today, we’re going to cover other common errors that impact your comfort during the warm months.  Common air conditioning mistakes are simple to avoid when you know about their pitfalls.
Problem 1 – Too much fresh […]

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Prepare your Air Conditioner for Summer

At this time of year, many homeowners are getting ready to do some spring gardening.  Sprucing up the yard is a spring tradition.  What do you need to do to prepare your Air Conditioner for Summer?  When working around your outdoor compressor, here are some things to keep in mind.

Preparing your Air Conditioner

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Should I Cover My AC for Winter?

The cooling season is winding down, and we’re looking ahead towards another Washington DC winter.  A customer recently asked one of our technicians if she should use an air conditioning winter cover.  AC covers are sold in local home stores and many folks wonder if they are a good investment.  Let’s examine your outdoor unit to […]

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The Nest vs. The Ecobee – Thermostat Showdown

Smart home technology is changing the heating and cooling game.  A decade ago, the programmable thermostat became digital, and this made it possible for families to adjust their heating and cooling use based around their pattern of times home and away.  This helped homeowners to save on their energy bills, but many complained that the […]

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How Your Comfort Systems Can Handle DC’s Variable Fall Weather

It’s the time of year when we can’t decide if we want to use the heat or the air conditioning.  Do we need a sweater or shorts?  One day it’s 80°F and the next is 55°F and the following is 85°F.  What’s a Washingtonian to do when they are always uncomfortable?  How can the residents […]

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Attic Fan or Cooling Vacuum?

Attic fans grew in popularity in the 1970s-80s as a way to remove heat from the attic, which in theory kept that heat from seeping into your home.  As an idea, it wasn’t a terrible one, attics can average 130° on a hot day.  However, there is a major problem with this strategy.  Most attics […]

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Lose Weight by Adjusting your Thermostat

Looking to lose a little weight? A study from The Center for Chronobiology in Switzerland found that healthy men who slept in a cool, not cold, room increased their stores of metabolically active brown fat. This type of fat triggers your body to burn calories and dispose of excess blood sugar. They found that even […]

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