Air Quality

HVAC and Allergies

Spring and summer are prime candidates for allergens outdoors.  Grass, tree, and flower pollen is a concern for seasonal allergy sufferers.  Your HVAC system can help prevent allergic reactions while inside your home.  We’ve put together the top tips for preventing allergies with your HVAC system.

1.Change the Filter

Your filter does a lot of work for your HVAC […]

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Humidifier Maintenance

Home Humidifier
Choosing the install a whole house humidifier instead of a room humidifier can make your entire home more comfortable.  By adding moisture to the air, it feels warmer, your skin doesn’t dry out, and you eliminate static-electric shocks in the winter months.  Climate installs humidifiers from top manufacturers including Aprilaire and Lennox.  Like all home systems, […]

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Getting Cleaner Air in the Home

Homeowners are increasingly concerned with the air quality in their home.  There are a wide variety of options for cleaning the air in your home, each with different pros and cons.  Some will clean particulates well, but cannot impact bacteria and viruses.  Others will require more maintenance.  Knowing your goals in air cleaning will better […]

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Indoor Air Quality and the Value of Filters

If you have a heating or cooling system, you have a filter. Filters are needed to keep contaminants from your environment from getting into your system and wreaking havoc. Filters need to be changed very regularly. Some are designed to only last a month or so, many last about 90 days, and some can last […]

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Improving Conditions for Allergy Sufferers

It’s that time of year when your car will begin to turn yellowish green, and if you suffer from seasonal allergies, your eyes will start to itch. You come home after a day at work or outdoors stuffy and itchy and even at home you don’t seem to get relief. What can you do in […]

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