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Preparing for Spring Storms

Every year the DC Area experiences an increase in thunderstorms in the spring and early summer.  Following the storms, there are regular power outages that leave homeowners with hot homes and refrigerators full of ruined food.  You can plan now to avoid these problems in your home by having a natural gas generator installed.  A natural […]

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Why Should You Replace Your DC Area Furnace/ Boiler?

Homeowners in the DC Metro Area are well-educated and want the best for their homes.  They want the best products and service available in the Metro Area.  Area homeowners are interested in comfortable and environmentally conscious homes, while not doing constant maintenance themselves.  With that in mind, it may be time to replace your DC area […]

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Consumer Warning: Heat Exchangers and CO

This past week, a client of ours called about possibly testing her drinking water.  Her family had been feeling ill and her doctor suggested testing for heavy metals in the water.  A few questions from our staff led to the discovery that the symptoms started when the heat had been turned on.  The symptoms also […]

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The Montreal Protocol and Your HVAC

The Montreal Protocol – what is it?
The Montreal Protocol is a environmental initiative to reduce Ozone Depleting gas emissions that was enacted in 1987.  It targeted CFCs and HCFCs.  One of the first HCFC chemicals set to be fully eliminated is R22.  This chemical, commonly referred to as “Freon,” was one of the most popular […]

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The Value of Early Seasonal Furnace Maintenance

Last week we had a call in Springfield, VA for seasonal furnace maintenance.  Our customer called for their clean and check at the end of September to prepare for the upcoming season.  Mr. M had a 25 year old furnace that, while aging, had been working without problem the last 25 years.

The previous year’s maintenance checks found […]

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Comfort vs. Cost: Finding the Right Balance

A common summer question is “where should I set my thermostat?”  This week, Consumer Reports put out an article claiming they had the answer for the correct temperature for your thermostat in summer.  In this article they believe that the only factor to consider when choosing the temperature for your thermostat is saving money.  Your Air Conditioning uses […]

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Air Conditioning Fan On

A common question we hear at this time of year is, “how come my basement is freezing, but my bedrooms are roasting?”  The answer is simple thermodynamics.  Hot air rises. As air heats, it expands and becomes less dense.  The less dense hot air is lighter than the cool air, so it begins to rise.  In […]

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HVAC and Allergies

Spring and summer are prime candidates for allergens outdoors.  Grass, tree, and flower pollen is a concern for seasonal allergy sufferers.  Your HVAC system can help prevent allergic reactions while inside your home.  We’ve put together the top tips for preventing allergies with your HVAC system.

1.Change the Filter

Your filter does a lot of work for your HVAC […]

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Sizing Air Conditioning: Right is Better than Big

Air Conditioners are sold with different sizes and ratings.  The size of a unit is measured in tons (if you want to read the back story including lots of fun history and math, this article explains).  In addition to the number of tons a unit is, we also measure its SEER rating.  The Seasonal Energy Efficiency […]

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Can I Have Too Much Insulation?

Families struggle to reduce their energy footprint and make the most cost effective choices for energy improvements.  When they begin researching what can have the largest impact on their home energy consumption, most find that once they have replaced all lighting with LED or CFL bulbs, the next recommendation is often insulation.  Insulation is a substance used […]

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