air quality

Indoor Air Quality

Climate can provide a custom solution to provide the cleanest air possible to your home. Being a local company, we understand how many people in the DC area suffer from allergies and asthma. Our technicians are trained to understand how the air flows in your house and can recommend a solution that will work hand in hand with your HVAC system to provide you with cleaner and healthier air. Climate can provide the air quality equipment to help you remove dust, pollen, mold, odors and even viruses!

High-Efficiency Filters

Newer filtration technology provides for the ability to clean the air in your home to the same level demanded by hospitals. Let Climate help you to clean your air without damaging your existing equipment.

Ultraviolet Lights

Ultraviolet lights help clean the air by imitating direct sunlight. This artificial sunlight helps break down microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, molds and fungi.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

Because modern homes no longer “breathe”, or replace the indoor air with outdoor air, ERVs allow us to replace the stale indoor air with fresh air without wasting energy.


Under insulated attics can leak warm air into the house during the summer and let warm air out into the attic during the winter. Let Climate help insulate your attic and help keep your conditioned air in your house.


In the winter months, furnaces dry out the air as they heat it. Humidifiers help moisten the air and make it feel warmer, resulting in lower heating bills.